What is the work life balance?

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The work life is balance is a concept that is constantly being sold to us. In particular in today’s context of increased pressure and burnout, we are all running after it as if it were some sort of treasure. Countless articles are out there telling us how to find it, in fact I myself wrote one a few years ago.

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How to raise awareness and lessen stigma about mental health

mental-health-top-tips-poster-talk-about-your-feelings copyWhen I asked what I should write about when it comes to mental health in the workplace, this was one of the topics suggested. It’s an important one because it is still not easy to broach the subject, despite the fact that a lot more is being done these days to help raise awareness and disseminate information.

For example, in June 2018 the WHO published the Mental Health Atlas, a report looking at the state of mental health in 194 member countries, and the structures in place to support policy making and planning (amongst others). It comes as no surprise that there is not yet enough in terms of trained health workers, and community support. Nevertheless the WHO’s “Mental Health action plan 2013-2020 “ shows that the problem is recognized on a global level, and that a concerted effort is needed in order to change the current trend.

This blog post has moved!

It has gone to “That’s mental, a platform to talk freely about mental health“. You can find it here.

How to make sure employees are engaged and committed?

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Employee engagement is a huge buzzword nowadays, right alongside company culture. A simple Google search reveals a first page full of articles with tips.

A lot of companies are out there battling to win  “best place to work” and rightly so. After the big tech companies set the example with their fun workplaces and flexible policies, and the rise of platforms like Glassdoor, companies can no longer hide their culture from the public eye.

And it’s not just millennials looking for environments in which they will feel at ease. The job market is more competitive, people know to expect more benefits than before, and are more demanding. With both parents working, the rise of the gig economy and a more flexible workforce, companies know they have to do more to attract prospect employees. But that’s not all, once they’ve joined how can they ensure people are engaged and committed to the company?Continue reading “How to make sure employees are engaged and committed?”

What does it mean to be a (good) manager?

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Over the years I’ve had a variety of managers, ranging from good to mediocre to bad. When I was able to take a step back, observe their behaviours, and ask myself what they were doing well or what they could have done better, it was an eye-opening experience and an opportunity to learn. So when I finally became a manager, I was of course apprehensive but also excited to see what I could apply and how I could become the manager I wish I had.Continue reading “What does it mean to be a (good) manager?”

Letting work encroach on life

falling-asleep-at-desk-woman-her-grounbreaking-see-share-onToday I’d like to talk about what happens when work takes over your life. By that I mean more than working long hours, I’m talking about when work starts to ruin your social life, your relationships and your health. When it changes you, to a point where you’re not who you used to be. What can we do about this, and how can we prevent it?

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#agencylife – prep school for adults

AMC_MM_7B_Promo_EveryEpisode_NostalgiaI recently resigned from my job in an agency after 6 years. You can read more about how and why I made that decision here.

It’s been an incredible journey, and I wanted to reflect on exactly what it’s like to work in an agency, because it’s certainly different to anything else I had ever experienced. In fact, before I worked at Weber Shandwick I didn’t even know agencies existed! (such a novice…) Continue reading “#agencylife – prep school for adults”

Dealing with trigger moments at work

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If you are faced with some sort of mental health issue, you know that certain situations can “set you off”. If you suffer from social anxiety, going to large gatherings or parties may not be good for you. Or if you suffer from depression, an argument with a friend or a negative comment might start you spiralling into negative thoughts that it’s hard to get out of.

It’s difficult enough having to deal with these situations on a daily basis, but it’s an added challenge dealing with them at work. How can you ensure you will remain composed? How do you keep your emotions under control with your colleagues? How do you get away if you need a moment to collect yourself? I try to provide some answers below…

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How to know when to quit your job?

150108170001-no-raise-i-quit-1024x576I’m pretty sure that at least once in your life you’ve thought to yourself: “that’s it, I quit!”

If you haven’t then you are one of those very fortunate people who gets to do a job they love, or else perhaps you’re delusional… Just kidding!

More seriously, I don’t think there are many people who have not gone through a difficult time at work, or considered their career options, without thinking about quitting. It’s natural and perhaps even healthy to question your choices every now again. But it begs the questions of all questions (sort of like knowing who is “the one”): how do I know when to quit? To answer that, I’d like to share my experience.

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It has gone to “That’s mental, a platform to talk freely about mental health“. You can find it here.

The importance of learning & development at work

people-coffee-notes-tea.jpgAs the book Strengths Finder 2.0 revealed, my number one strength is learning. It therefore comes as no surprise that I am huge advocate of learning & development at work, and by that I do not mean on the job learning (even though it’s important). I’m talking about taking courses, attending conferences, watching presentations etc.

Today I want to talk about why I believe it’s important to invest in employees’ learning & development. Surprisingly as I did research for this blog post, I did not find many articles addressing this, so I hope you find it interesting.

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How to change workplace cultures that lead to mental health issues?

burnoutI’ve been addressing mental health in the workplace for a while, but one cannot talk about burnout (or other issues) if one doesn’t talk about what leads to it…

A lot of my articles focus on the individual and knowing oneself, which I continue to believe is of utmost importance. But is undeniable that certain environments create a burnout culture and are not favourable to employees’ wellbeing.

So hang in there for a long read, as I dive into what creates this environment and possible ways to remedy it.

This blog post has moved!

It has gone to “That’s mental, a platform to talk freely about mental health“. You can find it here.