How to know when to quit your job?

150108170001-no-raise-i-quit-1024x576I’m pretty sure that at least once in your life you’ve thought to yourself: “that’s it, I quit!”

If you haven’t then you are one of those very fortunate people who gets to do a job they love, or else perhaps you’re delusional… Just kidding!

More seriously, I don’t think there are many people who have not gone through a difficult time at work, or considered their career options, without thinking about quitting. It’s natural and perhaps even healthy to question your choices every now again. But it begs the questions of all questions (sort of like knowing who is “the one”): how do I know when to quit? To answer that, I’d like to share my experience.

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My favourite resources in 2018

PodcastingWhile I still want to talk about mental health, learning and development and leadership on the blog, I thought I would switch things up and share my favourite resources of 2018 so far.

After all, it’s only fair to share some love with those who are inspiring me, give you other places to search for information, and lighten things up a bit with less “advice” and more DIY. Below are some of my favourite sources of inspiration.  Continue reading

6 Tips for keeping your self-confidence at work

JumpingAfter years of sharing stories about work with friends, it’s only finally started to dawn on me that self-confidence at work is one of the key factors for success and happiness.

Self-confidence at work is about trusting your decisions and being happy with the work you are delivering. It’s about believing in your opinions and daring to share them, standing up for yourself and taking risks. Continue reading