Casey Neistat: lessons for the communications industry

About a year ago I wrote an article on YouTubers. In it, I referenced Casey Neistat, famous YouTuber and entrepreneur and “knowing when to stop” – exactly what he did back then. I have long been a follower of his, I love his editing and story telling style and his background: starting from nothing and workingContinue reading “Casey Neistat: lessons for the communications industry”

When in Bologna – Part 2

I recently spent a week on holiday in Bologna visiting friends, and have chronicled all the different sites you can visit as a tourist. You can read the blog post here. But aside from doing some sight seeing, you also need to eat, drink and shop… So if you are looking for places to do justContinue reading “When in Bologna – Part 2”


Brazil in ten points…

Since I leave for Brazil tomorrow, I thought it only fit to leave a few details on this country, in order to whet your appetites and arouse your interest. I think that there is a lot to be said about travelling and visiting other countries. One can learn a lot about other cultures, other languages, and get to see for oneself what the country looks like instead of living through descriptions and pictures. I think it is very fulfilling to go and experience life in another country. Brazil has a lot to be discovered and seen, and in my opinion is definitely worth going to visit. So in order to tell you a bit about this country, here are 10 brief facts about it.

The good, the bad and the ugly

Or in other words, a few observations about the differences between France and the UK

Over the years, I have grown to observe a few differences between France and England. Not just culturally or in the obvious linguistic way, but in other ways too. The interesting thing, is that when I first moved to the UK I hated it. I had never felt more french and vowed to leave the UK as soon as possible. But now I have left it, I realise it does have certain qualities that act in it’s favour. There are some striking differences between France and England, and some of them are quite important.