On tenterhooks

Who will be America’s next president?

It’s time for Americans to go out and VOTE!!!

I cannot urge you all strongly enough to go and vote and remind you how important this is. Today is election day in the US, and we are looking at what most newspapers and sites are calling the most historical election in US history. If Barack Obama wins this could also make history in terms of international relations.

Smart Alecs and Mavericks

Having mentioned my previous lack of interest in American politics, I felt the need to dispell the rumour and make a few brief comments on the latest debate. After all, as I said last time, who America choses for president will affect us all, and the election is now creeping up on us quite fast, so it’s best to stay informed!

Of French fries and TV shows

In other words, thoughts on the American presidential debate…

I have never been one much interested in the politics of the American presidential race. Of course, who the Americans will choose as their president affects us all, but the interminable run-up to the election, in which so much back stabbing goes on you can hardly keep track, just bores me no end! However I did think it was important to reflect upon the just gone debate between this year’s two candidates.