The return of the Front National

This article was originally written for The Vibe and can be found here In 2002, Jean-Marie Le Pen surprised many by making it through to the second round of the French presidential elections with 16.86% of the vote, beating Lionel Jospin, then leader of the French Socialist Party. The results caused serious shock, and seemedContinue reading “The return of the Front National”

Off the mark

A comment on french TV

Although I said I would not be writing whilst I was away, I could not help but pick up an edition of Le Monde before I took off and find the most interesting article! A while back I had written an article about the use of media by politicians and the importance that existed in this relation. Be it hidden or not, there is a definite link between the image that is portrayed of politicians and their popularity. In my opinion, they subtly use TV and other forms of media to their advantage, through personal links that they have. I particularly feel that Nicolas Sarkozy for example, who loves being in the spotlight, has managed to manipulate the media to his advantage. This is difficult to prove however…So imagine my surprise when I came upon the article in Le Monde!

The good, the bad and the ugly

Or in other words, a few observations about the differences between France and the UK

Over the years, I have grown to observe a few differences between France and England. Not just culturally or in the obvious linguistic way, but in other ways too. The interesting thing, is that when I first moved to the UK I hated it. I had never felt more french and vowed to leave the UK as soon as possible. But now I have left it, I realise it does have certain qualities that act in it’s favour. There are some striking differences between France and England, and some of them are quite important.

Rock Paper Scissors

Or how the French interior Minister thought a handbook would save the day…

This week’s Economist, or should I say this week’s just gone, features an interesting article entitled “Jailhouse Jihad”. It mentions the fact that in France, there is an active recruitment of radical Islamists in overcrowded prisons. I found this article quite interesting as terrorism has now become a day to day reality for all of us, and our countries strive hard to keep it under control. Since “the Economist” referred to an article published in the french newspaper “Le Figaro”, I decided to follow up this path and see what more I could find out on the matter.