Reflecting on 2018


Although 2019 has already started and people are furiously writing about trends, goals, and everything future-gazing, I wanted to take the time to reflect on 2018. As I sat down to write an end of year Facebook post I realised that I simply had too much to say, so why not turn it into a blog post?

The main conclusion I reached as I sat going through all my pictures, was that 2018 was amazing! Not only that, but I felt very fortunate and blessed to have been able to experience all of it.

So here is a summary of the best things that happened for me in 2018.

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My favourite resources in 2018

PodcastingWhile I still want to talk about mental health, learning and development and leadership on the blog, I thought I would switch things up and share my favourite resources of 2018 so far.

After all, it’s only fair to share some love with those who are inspiring me, give you other places to search for information, and lighten things up a bit with less “advice” and more DIY. Below are some of my favourite sources of inspiration.  Continue reading