Team dynamics – mental health in the workplace

It goes without saying that a crucial part of your workplace environment is your team, and more widely, your colleagues. 

When it comes to mental health, they too have an important role to play. How can they impact how you feel for better or worse? 

Self Help Techniques

Continuing on the series related to mental health, another topic suggested was “techniques for self help”. It’s a difficult one because there are so many different ways this could be looked at, but for today I will pick my top 5. Read on! This blog post has moved! It has gone to “That’s mental, aContinue reading “Self Help Techniques”

How to stay motivated?

Still on the topic of mental health and wellbeing, one of the topics suggested was “How to stay motivated”? I almost put this off to a time when I was more motivated, how ironic! But then it occurred to me I have experiences I can draw on to try to answer this question. This blogContinue reading “How to stay motivated?”

5 tips for finding the work-life balance

Finding the work life balance is a tough one. Where does work end and play start, particularly if work is your life for example? Starting a new job after nearly a year and a half of unemployment, suddenly made it hard for me to find a healthy balance between the two. I was catapulted from 100%Continue reading “5 tips for finding the work-life balance”

6 Tips for keeping your self-confidence at work

After years of sharing stories about work with friends, it’s only finally started to dawn on me that self-confidence at work is one of the key factors for success and happiness. Self-confidence at work is about trusting your decisions and being happy with the work you are delivering. It’s about believing in your opinions andContinue reading “6 Tips for keeping your self-confidence at work”

5 questions to ask yourself when in a difficult job

Over the years, a good number of my friends have been in difficult job situations which have made them unhappy. Difficult can be anything from being overworked, to having a problem with a co-worker, having a bad manager or even being harassed. Sadly, this is a reality and one that many more people are facedContinue reading “5 questions to ask yourself when in a difficult job”

5 ways to get some good out of a bad work situation

We’ve all been in that tough spot where work is suddenly making us unhappy. Afraid of going in to work, upset on the way home, worrying about how to handle the situation… You can feel down, lose self-confidence and it can affect other areas of your life.   But though the times may seem tough,Continue reading “5 ways to get some good out of a bad work situation”