Introducing… That’s mental

2019 was a great year for the blog. I’m so happy I carried on the goal I had set myself in 2018 to write two blog posts a month. After such success I couldn’t just give it up, and so in 2019 not only did I continue but I dreamed bigger and better, featuring storiesContinue reading “Introducing… That’s mental”

My last burnout

Or should I say, the last time I burnt out. I really hope it was the last but you never know, these things creep up on you… Nevertheless, I’d like to share the story with you and I took to video again to do so. Once again, it was the the usual “end of yearContinue reading “My last burnout”

Real-life mental health stories: mental health in a leadership position

This blog post is part of an interview series for mental health awareness week. In this series, different people give their perspective on living with a mental health condition. In certain cases as with the interview below, people have had the courage to reveal their identity. This is brave, as it can be difficult and daunting. CongratulationsContinue reading “Real-life mental health stories: mental health in a leadership position”

A lifetime of mental health

Today on the blog, another real life mental health story. This time from yours truly. ☺️ For a while now I’ve been wanting to talk about the bigger picture of my journey with mental health, not just my most recent experience. Of course, my most recent experience (starting in 2012) is what triggered this blogContinue reading “A lifetime of mental health”