I am looking for people who are interested in being coached, with a specific focus on the following themes:

  • Professional development
  • Mental health and mental health at work
  • Work/life balance

However I am open to coach on any topic so please do not hold back.

I am a communications expert, but am passionate about personal growth and development. When I became a manager, I discovered that I loved helping people grow and develop in their careers, supporting them to develop their skill set, and find their path.

Through my own experiences and hardship in the workplace, I started blogging about mental health, and became an advocate of discussions around mental health at work. I strongly believe in the importance of raising awareness and developing supportive work environments.

Finally, my own journey with personal growth and discovery has encouraged me to help others uncover the potential they have within themselves. Here is my personal statement on growth:

It’s never too late to embark on a journey of personal growth, and discover who you really are. To find your true self, to uncover your passion, to live life fully. The feeling you experience as you embark on this journey is like no other. You will discover things you didn’t know you had within you, and develop others to become more powerful. The beauty of personal growth is that you get to know yourself better each step of the way, and be more in tune with who you really are. It’s like opening the door to yourself, and welcoming the real you into your home. From there on you will never look back, only forward.

The combination of those three factors lead me to take part in an initial coaching training, and I am now looking to develop my skills.

Are you ready to start your coaching journey?

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