Bird of Prey

Hard at work
Hard at work

A topic I have been interested to learn more about for quite a while now, is that of conservation and helping to save the environment. Well, save is quite a big word but at least work in an environmentally friendly way and do what we can in order to help the endangered species, the forests, all the beautiful environment that we live in. I would in fact love to work for an organization such as Greenpeace in order to further my knowledge in this area, and I’m hoping my upcoming trip to Brazil will give me some insight into this area.

But enough said about me. Since I am interested in this topic, I would like to ask for your support for my friend Laila Bahaa-el-din who is leaving to Africa on Saturday. Along with her friend Simon Thomsett, they will both be leaving for Africa on a year long trip. They are both conservationists who have worked with animals in their natural environment, however they are concentrating in particular on birds of prey. They will be spending time in about 16 different countries, documenting the lives of these birds and taking pictures. At the end of their trip they aim to publish some books. You can follow their blog here and if you are interested in their work you can help by donating (available on the blog page). You can also sign up to their newsletter, and find out more information about them here. Unfortunately, I have no contact details for them, but hopefully the blog will suffice.

Please take some time to read their updates and look at their pictures. Hopefully later on we will also be able to publish our own articles on conservation, wildlife, and the environment.

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