#agencylife – prep school for adults

AMC_MM_7B_Promo_EveryEpisode_NostalgiaI recently resigned from my job in an agency after 6 years. You can read more about how and why I made that decision here.

It’s been an incredible journey, and I wanted to reflect on exactly what it’s like to work in an agency, because it’s certainly different to anything else I had ever experienced. In fact, before I worked at Weber Shandwick I didn’t even know agencies existed! (such a novice…)  Continue reading

Casey Neistat: lessons for the communications industry

maxresdefaultAbout a year ago I wrote an article on YouTubers. In it, I referenced Casey Neistat, famous YouTuber and entrepreneur and “knowing when to stop” – exactly what he did back then.

I have long been a follower of his, I love his editing and story telling style and his background: starting from nothing and working really hard until he got to where he is today. I like his messages around creativity and content, most of which are summed up in his “Do what you can’t” video.

Of course I was also fed up with his self indulgent ways and his preachy manners, but nevertheless his trajectory is interesting and I believe a lot can be learned from how he handles his career. Some of this, can also be applied to the communications/creative industry.  Continue reading

Is Facebook still worth it? Business edition

facebook-for-businessI just wrote a blog post on why I’m over Facebook on a personal level. But beyond my own objections to the platform, I also don’t think it provides much added value to brands anymore.

There was a time (about 8+ years ago) when opening a social network as a brand was a daring thing to do. Then it became a must have, “you’re not on social media yet”?! Occasionally I deliver social media crisis trainings to companies (part of my role as Firebell champion for Weber Shandwick). One of the things we say is: if you want to control your (potential) crisis, you need to be where it’s happening i.e. on social.

And at some point perhaps 3-4 years ago that was true. You had to be crazy to be a brand/company and not be on social media. It was top of your “to-do” list to make sure your company had profiles and that you had a good community manager.  Continue reading

Is Facebook still worth it? Personal edition

Nowadays, I hate Facebook! I’ve removed the app and messenger from my phone, and almost every time I check it I sort of resent it. Sounds extreme? Maybe, but as an early adopter (January 2006) I feel like it’s justified.

Today when I think of Facebook, I think of an intrusive marketing platform. I don’t think of it as a social network anymore, the main reason I joined in the first place: to keep up with what my friends were doing. Increasingly due to algorithm changes, when I log in I see random posts people have liked – probably sponsored – and occasionally an interesting update from a friend. Continue reading

When is an influencer no longer an influencer?


YouTuber Zoella

Nowadays “influencer relations” is pretty common practice in marketing and PR tactics. Basically, collaborating with influencers in order to get a brand message across. An online influencer is anyone who has built a large audience or following online, in particular via a blog, YouTube or Instagram (amongst others). Sometimes brands will send influencers products for free, but more often than not collaborations are paid for and can take many different forms: product endorsement, content production, event hosting… and more. Continue reading