50 Shades of Grey – what the fuss is all about.

Like many I suppose, I had been hearing about all the fuss around 50 shades of Grey and wondered what it was all about. I even noticed Annie Mole, London blogger, taking pictures of people reading it on the tube and thought “what’s the big deal??”. So when I finally made it to the bookContinue reading “50 Shades of Grey – what the fuss is all about.”

Book review: Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates

I chose this book because I overheard the man from the bookshop advising it to someone else. As I am always on the look out for a new read, I thought “why not ?” and picked up the book and left. I had never read a novel by Joyce Carol Oates before even though sheContinue reading “Book review: Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates”

In the land of blood and honey: film review

I first read about In the Land of Blood and Honey in Vanity Fair, in which there was a long article and a cover dedicated to Angelina Jolie. The article sparked my interest for the movie, and I was pleased to think that a star as huge as Angelina Jolie is, had chosen not toContinue reading “In the land of blood and honey: film review”

Book review: The White Tiger

In search of a new read I picked “The White Tiger” off our bookshelf in the living room. I couldn’t find the blurb to read but thought it looked interesting and so started reading, and interesting it was. Aravind Adiga won the Man Booker prize 2008 for this book, and it is no surprise. AdigaContinue reading “Book review: The White Tiger”

Book review: Harry Potter books 1-3

I hardly need to write an introduction to the now very famous story of Harry Potter, the boy who discovers he is a wizard on his eleventh birthday. Harry, who grows up in a rather un-loving family made up of his aunt uncle and cousin, is dreaming of a life far away from them, whenContinue reading “Book review: Harry Potter books 1-3”

Book review: The Dresden files

If you’re a fan of the fantasy genre as I am, then the Jim Butcher series “The Dresden files” are for you! On the hunt for a new fantasy book to read, I picked up the first of the series, called “Storm Front” not long ago. Harry Dresden is a wizard and the only wizardContinue reading “Book review: The Dresden files”

Book review: Deliver us from Evil

Looking for a new thriller after the Millenium series, I happened upon this book “Deliver us from Evil” by David Baldacci. The book is an excellent thriller, with a good and gripping plot. Not the investigative type, as in the Millenium series, but instead a story of revenge, hit men going up against dangerous criminalsContinue reading “Book review: Deliver us from Evil”

La variation des voix

Today I have the pleasure to announce the launch of Jonathan’s book “La variation des voix”. For me it represents years of work and reflections that have all culminated in this collection of poetry/short essays. You can find it and order it here. Aujourd’hui j’ai le plaisir de vous annoncer la sortie du livre deContinue reading “La variation des voix”