How to raise awareness and lessen stigma about mental health

mental-health-top-tips-poster-talk-about-your-feelings copyWhen I asked what I should write about when it comes to mental health in the workplace, this was one of the topics suggested. It’s an important one because it is still not easy to broach the subject, despite the fact that a lot more is being done these days to help raise awareness and disseminate information.

For example, in June 2018 the WHO published the Mental Health Atlas, a report looking at the state of mental health in 194 member countries, and the structures in place to support policy making and planning (amongst others). It comes as no surprise that there is not yet enough in terms of trained health workers, and community support. Nevertheless the WHO’s “Mental Health action plan 2013-2020 “ shows that the problem is recognized on a global level, and that a concerted effort is needed in order to change the current trend.

This blog post has moved!

It has gone to “That’s mental, a platform to talk freely about mental health“. You can find it here.

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