Geneva street food festival

IMG_9543Street food is a thing! It might be a slightly gross truck selling burgers as you exit the nightclub, or it might be an amazing truck just like the one from the movie Chef. But no matter which one it is, it’s still in high demand and hopefully it’s got your mouth watering rather than your stomach rumbling…

A year ago, Geneva authorised 6 food trucks (yes, 6) to circulate across various different locations in the city and sell food to its inhabitants due to popular demand. And I have to say, considering how often uninspired I am by lunch options, I’m glad Geneva decided to join the street food revolution. Continue reading

Road tripping Romania – part 2

I recently toured Romania and was really glad to discover this country, which I don’t believe is much visited yet. Most of the people I know who have been really loved their experience and highly recommended it to me. Now it’s my turn to continue to pass on the recommendation. I previously covered two places I visited, Iasi and the Transylvanian mountains. After that I continued my journey down towards Bucharest and stopped off in 3 further locations. Continue reading

Road tripping Romania – part 1


One of my best friends recently got married in Moldova, so I decided to go on an adventure and road trip back through Romania. I was really pleasantly surprised by the country and my first venture into Eastern Europe, so below I will share some tips on places to see and things to do when in Romania.

But first off, here is some advice if you are renting a car… which is probably the best piece of advice I can give. You may think it’s stating the obvious, but trust me I wish someone had asked me before I left. Don’t forget to check if you can cross the border with your car. Living in the EU and within the Schengen zone, I totally take going from one country to another and crossing borders for granted. Bottom line is, crossing borders is still a big deal, especially if you have a rental car. So do your homework. Continue reading

When in Bologna – Touring

bolognaI’ve just visited Bologna and let me tell you – my love for Italy has been completely reignited. I can’t believe I haven’t been back in so many years (10 or more) and I wonder why it has taken me so long to visit. Because Italy is really amazing, charming, delightful, full of history and romance… I cannot wait to plan more trips here in the near future, and I highly recommend it to all of you.

In the meantime, here are my tips for enjoying a good time in Bologna – a blog post on Florence to come.  Continue reading

When in Copenhagen…

IMG_6964A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine suggested we go to Copenhagen to celebrate her 30th birthday. Having never been and with cheap flights in sight, I decided to go for it. And what a great idea it turned out to be!

Sometimes living in the centre of Europe can be difficult, there are so many possibilities for weekend city breaks that you don’t know where to go. #firstworldproblems – I hear ya! But every now and then, it’s good to discover some place new. Continue reading