Why I like coaching

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I’d like to start coaching people, and I just added a section on my website to that effect.

So before I send out a call for volunteers, I thought it was important to explain what I like about it and why I’ve decided to pursue this path.

I first considered becoming a coach several years ago but didn’t really know much about it. There was something appealing about being able to help people with their lives, without being a psychologist or a social worker.

Then I was introduced to my coach, and I decided to give it a go out of curiosity, and see if it was something I’d be able to do. Little did I know how much it would bring me. Below are some of the reasons why I love coaching, and what it has brought me over the years.

1. Coaching focuses on the future

As a child I saw quite a few psychologists. I liked some of them, and at 17 I expressed a desire to be supported by a psychologist, so I’m not against the idea at all. But after discovering coaching, I realised that psychology focuses a lot on the past. Understanding why you behave the way you do, analysing key events or things that might have happened to you…

And while I understand it’s relevant, I also got really tired of looking at the past. The last psychologist I saw kept bringing things back to my relationship with my mother. Ok, I know it’s not great, can we move on now please? How often can you go over your past before you start figuring out what to do in the present?

Coaching on the other hand focuses on where you are right now. It follows you in the moment, and helps you get to where you want to be. That was really exciting to me! After all, we have the rest of our lives ahead of us so why not focus our attention on making that part as good as we possibly can?

Exploring your dreams, finding a way to get there, and getting to know yourself better, that was the stuff I was interested in. And coaching helps you with that, with a forward looking vision.

2. You are not broken and you don’t need fixing

I often find that medicine focuses on making things better, and when applied to psychology that comes down to “fixing” someone. Getting rid of their problems through medication. All we need to do is look at the way mental health has been treated for years, through medication and other more brutal therapies in the past. These methods don’t focus on helping the person work through their troubles, they focus on getting rid of an illness.

Don’t get me wrong, psychiatry and psychotherapy definitely focus on the human aspect and help people work through their issues, but I still believe there is a small perception of needing to “fix someone”.

Coaching on the other hand believes that every human being is capable and has the answers within themselves. We are all capable of change and growth, and the coach is here to help us discover that. For me that’s a beautiful and powerful perspective, that puts you in a position of strength from day 1.

Just think about the type of relationship you are building when the other person believes in you from the beginning, and you can change your mindset from “I need to change because I have a problem” to “I want to change because it will help me become a better version of myself”! Speaking of which…

3. Coaching is the path to self discovery

Remember that by starting a coaching relationship you will be focused on:

  • Your life as it is presently, how you are feeling, and exploring what works for you and what doesn’t
  • Your dreams for the future, your ambitions, what makes you tick and where you want to go
  • Looking at the two themes above from the perspective of being capable and knowing the answers exist within you

A coach is meant to ask you powerful questions to help guide you along the way. Uncover things you hadn’t thought of, or were at the back of your mind, help you connect the dots, and see things with greater clarity. You will definitely learn a lot about yourself along the way. It’s a powerful and enriching journey.

What I’ve learnt

Coaching has brought me so much, I’m very passionate about helping others experience the same transformation. Over the years it has helped me:

  • Gain clarity over my key drivers, or what’s important to me
  • Discover my values and be in touch with them
  • Learn to let go and have more emotional distance with my work
  • Gain perspective, professionally and personally
  • Be less negative, and more open to opportunities
  • Understand what I want to do professionally, and define a path to get there
  • Quit my job
  • Be more self-aware of why I react the way I do, and understand my behaviours better
  • Be comfortable with who I am and where I am in life

And much more. All in all it’s been a powerful tool and has helped me become a better person. Not only that but I believe the journey of self growth will never end, and I look forward to being supported by coaching along the way.

So I hope this gives you more insight into why I am so passionate about coaching and why I want to help others have this transformative experience. I really want to be able to give back, and support others who are looking for change, feel stuck, or just want to get to know themselves better. It is possible, and coaching can help you.

If you’re interested – find out more here or contact me via the form.

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