Thank you internet!

Though I may be slightly disillusioned by politics lately, there are some things I have really enjoyed during the latest round of French Presidential elections, and most if not all of them, are related to the internet. 1. Twitter On the first round of voting, the hashtag #radiolondres was widely used around twitter to announceContinue reading “Thank you internet!”

Hollande won, what next?

François Hollande has won the French Presidential elections, and now we can ask, what next? The fact that he won wasn’t very surprising. Even if you had only tuned into french politics a few months ago, you would have realised how much the French disliked Sarkozy and wanted him out. Therefore, when presented with theContinue reading “Hollande won, what next?”

Nouveau réseau TPG a Genève

Je ne peux m’empêcher de me joindre aux nombreuses voix qui se plaignent du nouveau réseau TPG Genevois. Entre autre parce-que je constate qu’il n’y a quasiment que la Tribune de Genève qui contribue des articles, mais aussi parce-que je suis dépassée par ces changements qui me semblent ne pas fonctionner.

Advantages and disadvantages of twitter

The other day I was having a discussion with a friend about twitter, and how I felt it had really revolutionised social media as a business tool. My friend quickly shot it down and asked me how many advantages the tool could really have compared to the disadvantages of serving information on a platter toContinue reading “Advantages and disadvantages of twitter”

Marine Le Pen: why she will not be France’s next president

Considering the amount of discussion going on around the latest poll revealing that Marine Le Pen would lead the first round of the 2012 presidential elections, I have decided it was time to write an article on why I believe Marine Le pen will not be France’s next president, and if she does, hopefully byContinue reading “Marine Le Pen: why she will not be France’s next president”

The return of the Front National

This article was originally written for The Vibe and can be found here In 2002, Jean-Marie Le Pen surprised many by making it through to the second round of the French presidential elections with 16.86% of the vote, beating Lionel Jospin, then leader of the French Socialist Party. The results caused serious shock, and seemedContinue reading “The return of the Front National”

Haïti, le spectacle des princes

La catastrophe enveloppe le regard mondial de son grand dédale et l’homme succombe à la fascination pour cette immensité naturelle, par la puissance imaginaire qu’elle suscite dans l’inconscient collectif. Il est évident que la dramatisation utile des médias éveille l’intérêt général de la communauté internationale, prenant pleine conscience de sa responsabilité envers les populations affectées et démunies.