From Russia with love

Or in other words, how the EU’s behaviour with Russia is symptomatic of the flaws in its foreign policy.

Last week’s Economist writes of Russia’s withdrawal from Georgia and how the EU is too quick to accept it and go back to ‘business as usual’ with Russia. This brief article manages to touch upon the actions of Nicolas Sarkozy, the power Russia has over its European neighbours due to its energy reserves, and most importantly, partnerships with the EU. This is what drew my attention and finally gave me the inspiration for my latest article.

Piece of me

Or a short piece on tabloids…

Today’s Swiss free newspaper, the equivalent of the London paper, or London Lite had on page one a picture of Barack Obama, and the headline “Barack Obama vows to stop smoking”. It was with slight disbelief that I picked up this particular issue, and carried on reading. Apparently Barack Obama is trying to quit smoking, but twice already has given in to temptation.

Chicken or Ostrich?

Or why it is that the leaders of Israel and Palestine can never bring themselves to make bold statements whilst they are in office.

With the latest “Yom Kippur Riot” in Israel, we are brought back to the harsh reality that the conflict is not yet solved and far from being so. Sadly, this also reminds us of the Yom Kippur War in 1973, when the Arabs attacked the Jews on their day of rest, on which the whole country grinds to a holt, hoping this would give them the upper hand. Why bring us back to such an image, remind us of the past woes, when they world is desperately trying to bring this conflict to an end?

La “querelle” de l’environnement

Elle s’appuie dorénavant sur une maîtrise imparfaite de sa plus simple signification. Certains y verront un ennuyeux exercice de terminologie, mais il paraît évident que son éloquence s’effile à mesure que chacun contribue à lui donner une définition différente. Or, le terme d’environnement devrait systématiquement faire appel aux notions fondamentales qu’il préfigure en sollicitant la connaissance immédiate et intuitive de chacun des conséquences qu’auront leurs actes sur l’écologie.

Entre les murs

« Entre les murs » est une cloison délicate à traverser tant il y est dépeint le trouble actuel qui ébranle les racines de l’éducation française.

Le quotidien d’une classe de collège s’habille d’une réalité sensible, parfois âpre et s’imprègne d’un idéalisme finalement légitime. La fiction discrédite évidemment la dimension autonome du témoignage mais sans prétendre non plus à embellir une vérité peu reluisante que le genre s’évertue d’ordinaire à produire.

Smart Alecs and Mavericks

Having mentioned my previous lack of interest in American politics, I felt the need to dispell the rumour and make a few brief comments on the latest debate. After all, as I said last time, who America choses for president will affect us all, and the election is now creeping up on us quite fast, so it’s best to stay informed!

Les jeux de la liberté sont faits

Pekin arborerait une délicieuse tunique en soie brodée dʼor si quelques taches
nʼavaient pas maculé son étoffe dʼhuile.

lʼ étincelante vitrine que représentaient les J.O semble avoir laissée le regard de lʼopinion publique partagé entre un « produit olympique » inoubliable et la crasse grisâtre de son arrière boutique.

Of French fries and TV shows

In other words, thoughts on the American presidential debate…

I have never been one much interested in the politics of the American presidential race. Of course, who the Americans will choose as their president affects us all, but the interminable run-up to the election, in which so much back stabbing goes on you can hardly keep track, just bores me no end! However I did think it was important to reflect upon the just gone debate between this year’s two candidates.

Rock Paper Scissors

Or how the French interior Minister thought a handbook would save the day…

This week’s Economist, or should I say this week’s just gone, features an interesting article entitled “Jailhouse Jihad”. It mentions the fact that in France, there is an active recruitment of radical Islamists in overcrowded prisons. I found this article quite interesting as terrorism has now become a day to day reality for all of us, and our countries strive hard to keep it under control. Since “the Economist” referred to an article published in the french newspaper “Le Figaro”, I decided to follow up this path and see what more I could find out on the matter.