Passing on the message

I wrote a blog post for Huffington Post UK on unemployment that you can read here: It’s essentially a variation on the 2 previous blog posts I have written on the topic on this website.

Since then, I’ve been fishing around the internet for other people writing about unemployment, using the hash tag on twitter and searching through blogs on wordpress. Believe me, the results have not been encouraging. As was to be expected, the only people with a voice out there are the ones reminding you how utterly depressing it is to be unemployed. Thought you were having a bad day? Think twice, because you might come across a blog that tells you that being unemployed increases your chances of becoming an alcoholic.

It continues to strike me how little there is out there about positive attitudes and what can be gained out of a time of unemployment. What shocks me even more, is when people deliberately delete my messages or comments where I am trying to put across a positive message. What is that saying about them? Would they rather people stayed unhappy forever? Do they want to remove any thread of hope? I really don’t understand what the idea is.

In any case, if you like my ideas on unemployment, please share the articles as much as possible. Also, please comment. I am very interested to hear other people’s experiences and to share them. I am aware that my views aren’t the only ones out there, and I would like to explore this more.


Published by emmacdo

Currently working in marketing and comms in Amsterdam. Passionate about all things digital, writing, dancing, travelling and much more. Mental health blogger and advocate.

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