5 resources for the contemporary worker

featured-imageThe contemporary worker: working hard in a non-stop world, always connected and most likely distracted too. Here is a list of resources I like to rely on to help me professionally and also personally. I hope these help you too.

1. The Daily Muse

Absolutely love this website! It’s the best place for offering career advice ranging from job hunting, changing jobs, finding your career and dealing with every day work situations. Articles are short yet always insightful and full of good advice. More often than not a bit of humour is also included, making the realisation that your work problems are commonplace a bit easier to bear.

2. Rescue TIme

A good piece of software you can install on all your computers and mobile devices to find out exactly how much time you spend online, and doing what. It can be a bit freaky to realise how much time you’re spending glued to your screens however it also helps you to discover what takes up most of your time at work. No surprises that email is often top of the list.

3. Evernote

Best way to organize and synch all of your notes across all your devices. I’ve broken mine down into categories like that each time I get a new piece of advice it goes straight into the right category and no more wondering what on earth it was. It has many more advanced functions I barely use, but it’s a great app.

4. Pocket

I love to scroll through my Twitter feed yet rarely have time to read all the articles I come across. Pocket is the best app as it allows you to save links and read them later when you have time, for example on your commute home. It can be used on desktops and mobile devices alike, and it means you no longer have to email yourself articles.

5. Strengths Finder 2.0 

This book was recently recommended to me by a colleague and I am a fan! The premise is that rather than trying to fix what you’re not so good at and constantly battle against the odds, why not use your strengths and improve those? The book allows you to take an online test which identifies your 5 key strengths. You then get given action points for them and told how to use them in the work environment.

It also tells you (or your colleagues) how to work with people like you, and if your team takes it it allows you to understand how to work with them better. Ultimately, if an entire team’s strengths are known then they can be used and optimized for the team to deliver great work.


Do you have some great resources that really improve your daily life, particularly at work? Let me know what they are, please comment!

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Currently working in marketing and comms in Amsterdam. Passionate about all things digital, writing, dancing, travelling and much more. Mental health blogger and advocate.

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