Vizualize me

Amazing! I discovered this site thanks to my name sake, one of the many other Emma Brooks’ that are out there on the internet and are first hits before me in google. However, I do have to say I find the tool really great.

Here is a preview of what it does:

Followed by education, etc. etc. You can view the whole thing here as trying to embed the picture in the post sadly didn’t work. Basically, it takes your information from Linkedin and turns in to a visually pleasing, easy to understand composition of graphs and maps that synthesise your skills. Talk about a great idea!

This could be an interesting new way of sending your CV to employers, particularly if you have often wished you could dream up a new way of presenting the same information, without having to have studied graphic design for 10 years.

It’s also great because it completely fits in with the new age in which everything happens via the internet and social media. What is the point in having a CV when employers can look you up on Linkedin, follow you on twitter, find you on facebook (though I hope not), read your blog, and many more? Exactly! Perhaps the CV is becoming redundant, in which case this concept delivered by is just the tool you were looking for.

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Currently working in marketing and comms in Amsterdam. Passionate about all things digital, writing, dancing, travelling and much more. Mental health blogger and advocate.

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