Geneva street food festival

IMG_9543Street food is a thing! It might be a slightly gross truck selling burgers as you exit the nightclub, or it might be an amazing truck just like the one from the movie Chef. But no matter which one it is, it’s still in high demand and hopefully it’s got your mouth watering rather than your stomach rumbling…

A year ago, Geneva authorised 6 food trucks (yes, 6) to circulate across various different locations in the city and sell food to its inhabitants due to popular demand. And I have to say, considering how often uninspired I am by lunch options, I’m glad Geneva decided to join the street food revolution.

This weekend, Geneva organised its first Street Food Festival and boy what a success! If I knew who the instigator was I would name them as hats off to organizing such a successful event. I can only hope that due to popularity this will become a regular occurrence.

A couple of notable points that made it a huge success:

  1. Choice! I cannot begin to go over how many different food trucks there were and the incredible amount of choice. It was actually a bit sad to have to chose only one at a time as they all looked so mouth watering. From bagels to tacos, hot dogs to hot potatoes, juices, coffee and much more, it was incredible.
  2. Discovering local businesses. It’s nice to see how many local businesses there are who are trying to make a difference in Geneva’s gastronomic offering. From brand new start ups to more establishedIMG_9539 restaurants, everyone is united by one passion: food!
  3. Great location & set-up. The Promenade St Antoine in the old town is an ideal location for hosting such an event. Completely pedestrian, which a nice area in the middle in which they had installed lots of benches for seating, shade provide by lots of trees which with the autumn colours looked lovely. In general, a lot of seating options provided as well as open spaces such as parcs which really allowed for being comfortable.
  4. Great vibes. They went the extra mile here by setting IMG_9574up a DJ’s box out of which some awesome tunes were
    blasting out all weekend. Really helped to create a good atmosphere and even had some people dancing!
  5. Affordable prices. It’s no secret that Geneva and Switzerland are expensive, but prices of food were within reason by local standards. Bar prices were also reasonable.

All in all a huge success and I cannot wait for the next one! I’m sure the food trucks will agree, considering the long lines and some of them ending up completely out of stock. Well done everyone and be sure to be here for the next one.



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