What happened to the blog posts?

You may have noticed that a lot of the blog posts say “This blog post has moved” and the blog feed is looking a bit bare. That’s because I recently launched a new website called That’s Mental”. After two years of blogging about mental health, I decided it was time to split my identity as a marketer, and a mental health advocate as it no longer made sense to have them both on the same website.

That’s why most of the blog posts under the “careers” section that were related to mental health have moved. Gradually they will probably be completely deleted from this website but in the meantime you just have to scroll a bit to find the career related nuggets of gold.

What can you expect moving forward?

Moving forward this website will focus again solely on my identity as a marketer and all things marketing and communications. I’m working as a freelancer in marketing and want this website to reflect that more.

It didn’t seem logical that if people came looking to find out more about me as a professional, or to read blog posts related to communications, suddenly they’d find two years’ worth of mental health related blog posts, which is why I made the change. For more information on what “That’s Mental” is all about, you can read this blog post.

If you want to stay up to date about my freelance work, and some ramblings related to marketing then stick around here. If you’re missing the blog posts related to mental health, head over to “That’s Mental”. There’s something for everyone! 😊

Published by emmacdo

Currently working in marketing and comms in Amsterdam. Passionate about all things digital, writing, dancing, travelling and much more. Mental health blogger and advocate.

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