Book review: Deliver us from Evil

Looking for a new thriller after the Millenium series, I happened upon this book “Deliver us from Evil” by David Baldacci.

The book is an excellent thriller, with a good and gripping plot. Not the investigative type, as in the Millenium series, but instead a story of revenge, hit men going up against dangerous criminals and merciless killing. The story is easy to follow, with two main characters whose stories intertwine nicely. A man and a woman are both sent to kill the same target, a dangerous and psychologically deranged man who is known to have killed and tortured many people in his lifetime without an ounce of regret. We follow our two main characters on their path to kill their target, and are witness to their encounter whilst on the job. Whether or not they are aware of each other’s mission is unclear, as is whether or not they will succeed. There is a good bit of intrigue and suspense, leaving us unsure of the fate of our two heroes until the very end.  It also contains some light romance, lightening up the atmosphere of the rather dark story, and making our hit men seem a bit more human as opposed to killing machines. Aside from a gruelling torture scene that I could not bare to read (I had to skip to the next section) this book is prefect follow up to the Millenium series and provides an easy but gripping read.

If you like a good bit of action and revenge, then this is definitely the book you would want to pick up!

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