London City Airport

organisation-6412-scaled-300x130I recently travelled to London, and for the first time in 30 years flew to London City Airport. Having experienced it I thought “Why have I waited so long?!”

The options when flying into London are: Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted and London Southend. I suppose the practicality of them depends on which part of London you’re staying in. For example it has been useful for me to fly into Luton in the past. However, it does take approximately 45 mins to get into central London and you’ll be arriving North. Continue reading


flag_of_brazil_by_neocosmoBrazil in ten points…

Since I leave for Brazil tomorrow, I thought it only fit to leave a few details on this country, in order to whet your appetites and arouse your interest. I think that there is a lot to be said about travelling and visiting other countries. One can learn a lot about other cultures, other languages, and get to see for oneself what the country looks like instead of living through descriptions and pictures. I think it is very fulfilling to go and experience life in another country. Brazil has a lot to be discovered and seen, and in my opinion is definitely worth going to visit. So in order to tell you a bit about this country, here are 10 brief facts about it. Continue reading

Bird of Prey

Hard at work

Hard at work

A topic I have been interested to learn more about for quite a while now, is that of conservation and helping to save the environment. Well, save is quite a big word but at least work in an environmentally friendly way and do what we can in order to help the endangered species, the forests, all the beautiful environment that we live in. I would in fact love to work for an organization such as Greenpeace in order to further my knowledge in this area, and I’m hoping my upcoming trip to Brazil will give me some insight into this area. Continue reading