Self confidence is key!

Or the key is self confidence… Self confidence or self esteem, I’m not sure if they are the same but they are definitely both key to success. Blogging about careers and trying to share what could be considered “career advice” is something that matters to me. Not only after having listened to many friends shareContinue reading “Self confidence is key!”

6 Tips for keeping your self-confidence at work

After years of sharing stories about work with friends, it’s only finally started to dawn on me that self-confidence at work is one of the key factors for success and happiness. Self-confidence at work is about trusting your decisions and being happy with the work you are delivering. It’s about believing in your opinions andContinue reading “6 Tips for keeping your self-confidence at work”

5 questions to ask yourself when in a difficult job

Over the years, a good number of my friends have been in difficult job situations which have made them unhappy. Difficult can be anything from being overworked, to having a problem with a co-worker, having a bad manager or even being harassed. Sadly, this is a reality and one that many more people are facedContinue reading “5 questions to ask yourself when in a difficult job”

5 resources for the contemporary worker

The contemporary worker: working hard in a non-stop world, always connected and most likely distracted too. Here is a list of resources I like to rely on to help me professionally and also personally. I hope these help you too. 1. The Daily Muse Absolutely love this website! It’s the best place for offering careerContinue reading “5 resources for the contemporary worker”

5 ways to get some good out of a bad work situation

We’ve all been in that tough spot where work is suddenly making us unhappy. Afraid of going in to work, upset on the way home, worrying about how to handle the situation… You can feel down, lose self-confidence and it can affect other areas of your life.   But though the times may seem tough,Continue reading “5 ways to get some good out of a bad work situation”

La formation des chomeurs

Aujourd’hui j’ai lu un article paru dans Le Monde à propos de l’échec au niveau de la formation des chômeurs en France. Cet article m’a particulièrement interpellée, étant moi même au chômage et ayant déjà entendu parler de la mauvaise qualité des services du pôle emploi. Je suis dans une situation assez particulière car jeContinue reading “La formation des chomeurs”

Passing on the message

I wrote a blog post for Huffington Post UK on unemployment that you can read here: It’s essentially a variation on the 2 previous blog posts I have written on the topic on this website. Since then, I’ve been fishing around the internet for other people writing about unemployment, using the hash tag on twitterContinue reading “Passing on the message”

How being unemployed has been a positive change

It may seem taboo to speak of unemployment positively, and it definitely seems to be very rare. A quick search on google reveals that most answers related to unemployment are either for depression or moaning about how much it sucks. But there are not many people speaking about its benefits. As I write this post,Continue reading “How being unemployed has been a positive change”